Katherine Bennett

Katherine Bennett

Co-host, Catholic Unscripted

Katherine Bennett is a Catholic Journalist, Broadcaster, former stand-up comedian and co-host of Catholic Unscripted, an online apostolate of evangelism and renewal taking inspiration from St John Henry Newman and Archbishop Fulton Sheen. 

Katherine speaks regularly on local and national media in the UK, including the BBC, GB News and Radio Maria.  She defends and elucidates the Catholic position on a number of social and ethical issues including surrogacy, euthanasia, abortion, gender equality and race. Katherine has been called upon to speak at conferences in the UK and Europe, as well as further afield in the Phillipines, Nigeria and the United States.  She defends the male priesthood by presenting right teaching on femininity, in honour of Our Lady and in response to the threats and relentless propoganda of feminism.  Aware of the impact critical theory has had, and is having, across all sectors in society (but most notably in education) Katherine is able to articulate how this breakdown manifests in classrooms today and how the Catholic Faith is the antidote to the poison of deconstructionism. In 2022 Katherine collaborated with St Anthony Communications to present a series called 'Faith in the Family' for international distribution and was appointed Evangelisation mentor in the London diocese of Southwark by Archbishop John Wilson.